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Recognize Effort, Reward Talent.

Employee Recognition, Rewards & Performance Analytics Tool



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Easily Foster

Collaboration that matters


Receiver of the onions

John got recognitions from Lucy

@Jay5 Amazing product demo during the sales call. Top Guy! ø55 #RockStar

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Lucy Aneke





Silky Smooth

Integrations that matter


Onion at your Workplace

Here are some things Onion can help you acheive.

Encourage team collaborations through organic recognitions

With Onion, employee recognition is decentralized. Teammates can easily recognize and appreciate each other for tasks or help rendered without waiting on standups for the CEO or team leads to do it.


Receiver of the onions

Pete got recognitions from Michael

Been having issues figuring out how to navigate AfterEffects for the marketing video. @petejackson22 came through, now video is up! Real Starboy things ø25 #TotheMoon

Sender of the onions

Michael Keaton

Create cultures that transcend 9-5

Encourage workplace cheer and teamspirit from new hires to founding team members.

Search names, emails, roles
Andrew Mark Andrew Mark UX Designer
MT Margaret Tom QA Analyst
Never forget important moments

HR & C-suite execs have a lot on their plates. Automate some important moments so no one feels left out.

Welcome to [Your Company]

Completed Onboarding Bonus!

Happy Anniversary!

Inspire learning and processes through fun challenges

Getting your team to upskill and not allow learning scubscriptions go to waste should not be a headache. Gamify these goals and let them have fun acheiving them. Motivation’s never been better.

Udemy Nanodegree Certificate

Udemy Nanodegree Certificate

Stephanie from Products

More than welcome emails for Onboarding

Help new hires feel at home by easily introducing them to the warm spirit at the workplace. Easy and fun way to get everyone to meet with the new hires.

Bukky from Engineering

More than meal tickets and lunch packs

Encourage workplace energy with more than meal tickets and luch packs. Allow employees to select from a pool of rewards best suited for their immediate needs.

Jessica from Customer Success
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More than employee registery. Get analytics.

Get access to insightful and actionable data that let’s you easily track talent hiring, employee performance, resource usage and overall workplace output.


Pick what works for your Team

Onion is currently in free beta. You can reserve your early-bird spot!

Starter Pack

Basic Plan

  • 20 users maximum
  • On platform recognitions
  • Custom allowances
  • Leaderboards
  • Desktop access
  • Single user onboarding

All The Flavours

Professional Plan

  • Unlimited Users
  • Team collaboration analytics
  • Slack integration
  • Cross-platform access
  • Unlimited Reward Options
  • Bulk user onboarding
  • Custom challenges for Teams